what is maths ?

Answer :its a field of science which deals with logic of quantity, shape and arrangement you use it on a daily basis. you use math to pay for the groceries you buy. for deciding the amount of gas/petrol you need in your car more complex applications: in deciding how many lightyears away are other galaxies how much deep should the foundation be to withstand the amount of pressure applied by the weight of the building. the difference between physics and maths are very little in these areas. they gogether. let me know if you have any doubts

Answer :Maths also known as Mathematics is one of the core subjects at school, Maths covers a range, whole numbers, addition, division, metric conversions, ratios, etc. Very important to be good at maths when looking for job(s) [:)]

Answer :Maths is a short form of Mathematics. Maths is a scoring subject in schools. You can score full marks in maths. Maths dont need byhearting. Maths is tricky subject.Maths contain variety of concepts Additions,Numbers,Algebra,Trigonometry,rational numbers,square roots,Euclids theorem,Arithmetic progression,GCF,HCF,calculus,Relations-sets,Graphical representation,cartesian products you can see all concepts here www.youtube.com/user/GuruBix Being maths student i go through all math videos

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