how to make 1 year old to start talking? pls suggest some play games/tips to make kids start talking small words ?

Answer :It is really happy to hear our 1 year old child talking even just the word mom or dad. These are the best ways to make a 1 year old child talk small words. 1. Repeat Words - repeating the words you want for your child to speak out is the easiest way to make him memorize and speak it out also. Repeat the words such as mommy and daddy, this will exercise his speaking ability. 2. Combine Easy to Pronounce Words - after you have realized that your young kid already know to speak some words, combine some other words such as toys, ball, and other single words which are easy to pronounce by a young child. 3. Tell Interesting Stories - after mastering easy words, always tell him interesting stories even if it seems that he cannot understand it. The most important is he hears the words that you want to make him speak. Regards, Mark

Answer :this is coming from a mother\'s experience in India Normally kids should talking towards the end of second year or in the third year. If they dont, then best to join in Preschool or babby care centres for kids. They will mingle with other kids and pickup words easily and start talking. Once they start talking, you can get them to practice smally words like amma, nanna and other names. Admin Comments : also check the below answer from one of our expert

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