please give me some tips to avoid gastric problem? diet and other tips?

Answer :Avoid eating spicy food, oily fried food, and food that causes bloating of abdomen like potatoes, chick peas, carbonated soft drinks, alcohol. Instead eat more of salads, leafy veg, food with less spice.

Answer :The most common cause of gastric problem is the unbalanced digestion of foods in your digestive system. There are many conditions that relate to digestive problems such as hyper-acidity, constipation, acid reflux, and more. However, these conditions could all be prevented by considering the following. 1. Avoid Eating Too Much at Once Eating too much or beyond the capacity of your stomach would cause the digestive system to force digesting the foods. Thus, this cause constipation or indigestion of foods. 2. Avoid Eating Uncooked Rice and other Grains Remember that rice or grains are used in fermentaion to create a wine, beer, and any other alcoholic beverages. Avoid eating those uncooked to avoid hyper acidity of the body. 3. Eat Fiber Rich Foods Fiber rich foods greatly improve the overall functions of the digestive system. Consume these foods at a regular basis to maintain a healthy digestion of foods. Foods such as oatmeal, wheat, and grains are all rich in fibers. The above mentioned are the best tips you can do to prevent digestive problems. Goodluck and stay healthy. Regards, Mark

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