is a search engine?

Answer cookies are to be removed from your system. avoid visiting this site. I was about to visit. Thank god I avoided. he following are the most likely reasons why your computer got populated with cookie: You have directly visited A website that you have visited uses some of the components (pages, files, images, and so on) of the website A software application with Internet-enabled functionality that had previously accessed the website was running on your PC (in this case, the cookie will be saved in Internet Explorer

Answer :For the direct answer, or conduit is not actually a search engine itself. This is because search engines are the direct applications which have the ability to search for your queries you typed and scans each and every word and present you the most possible results for your queries. In short, from the word Search Engine, and engine or application that has the ability to scan every web pages on the Internet based on the query you typed. Examples of search engines are Yahoo.Com, Google, Bing, etc. Conduit is another application which makes adding internet applications without the need of installing too much toolbars. However, conduit is mistakenly used and known as an annoying application because of its other features that might not be useful for the user. But, this application is very useful for people who love social networking as well as those who engage themselves in social media marketing to promote their products. That is why it is very important to determine your level of use on conduit or any other applications before installing or using it. Regards, Mark

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