What is google pagerank? what is the use of page rank? how can i improve? please explain in detail ?

Answer :PageRank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page[1] and used by the Google Internet search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of \"measuring\" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is referred to as the PageRank of E and denoted by PR(E). The name \"PageRank\" is a trademark of Google, and the PageRank process has been patented (U.S. Patent 6,285,999). However, the patent is assigned to Stanford University and not to Google. Google has exclusive license rights on the patent from Stanford University. The university received 1.8 million shares of Google in exchange for use of the patent; the shares were sold in 2005 for $336 million.[2][3]

Answer :1. What is Google Page Rank? - Google Page Rank is basically the ranking of the pages determined particularly by Google Search Engine. Remember there are millions of websites and billions of web pages present on the Internet. However, not all are searchable on Google search engine. This is also what determines that importance or value of the webpages of a website based on the algorithms from google which still remain unknown to webmasters. 2. What is the use of page rank? - The use of page rank, is mostly for business and money revenue generating sites. For instance, www.howwherewhat.in wants to increase its page rank from Google, then this means that it also wanted to increase its traffic or visitors. The main reason for page ranking of webpages is for the ranking also on google search engine as well as increasing the visitors of the site. 3. How can I improve page rank? - When we talk about the precise formula for increasing the page rank of a website or webpage, as I have mentioned above, the algorithm run by Google search engine remains vague or unknown. However, in general, you can increase the page rank of a website or webpage by considering the following: a. [b]Back Links[/b] - these are the links coming from other websites as a result of participating or contributing a valuable content to that site through commenting or guest posting. This link is considered by google as a vote to your site by participating to the other site. In short, you are active in online community and this will give more popularity to your site. You can basically increase your website\'s backlinks, by participating on forums, article directories, guest posting, commenting, etc. b. [b]Unique Contents[/b] - of course, duplicated contents are normally frowned by google and other search engines. Remember that the online community are sources of information which means that you have to contribute contents which are unique, google has its own formula in determining unique and duplicate contents. c. [b]Quality Contents[/b] - quality contents are based on the keywords, keyword placement, and the useful information written on that content. In short, quality contents are contents appealing to the eyes of the visitors as well as the search engines. d. Updated Web Pages - this is still remain vague to most webmasters, latest and updated webpages are more valuable compared to old one. This is true and proven by most webmasters, that is why there are get paid to comment because of the value of latest comments and updates to that site or webpages. Those are just the ways to increase the google page rank of a website or webpage, marketing is still the key. Goodluck to marketing your website. Regards, Mark

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