is it a good idea to block non revenue generating ad catogeries in adsense adreview centre?

will it be a sensible decission to block some catogery ads that are having impressions but no CTR? will it backfire? ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION Well i did it and this has increased my revenues. If you block the non revenue generating catogeries, then you have more chance of displaying ads which the users are mostlikely to click. More relavent ads means higher chance of Clicks so higher the revenue. But this may have an affect on CPC as the most clicked ads on your website may have less CPC but the ocasionally clicked ad which you may have blocked using the catogeries option may generate high CPC. So this is what i am thinking to do: Block all non revenue generating catogeries. After that review the ad catogeries which i feel are relavent to my websites and experiement by unblocking it and see for a couple of months if it generates any revenue and if they bring good CPC. Hope this helps.

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