Is the new Reliance 3G Tablet good?

Answer :It looks like a good offer because the price of tablet is just 13000. But watchout for the below points. 1. its made by chines manufacturer. SO you need to be cautious about the quality of the piece. You need to be cautios how good will the touch screen experience going to be. 2. since it is reliance 3G tab they will not allow this to be used with other company offers like airtel/idea 3G 3. Using a Tablet PC you cannot make normal calls like you do from mobiles follow the below link for full feature list: Admin Comments : Also check the second answer. It is very informative

Answer :It may be a good deal you need to check various features like touch and speed before buying this. As I saw in previous answers that someone is questioning about the quality because it is chinese made, so just for your information most of the electronic stuff including Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and various other tablets (Sony, Acer, Motorola, etc..) are manufactured by chinese industries really depends on the brand that what quality they want to offer to there customers.

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