What is CPU ?

Answer : Central Processing Unit


subbulakshmi said...

CPU is a central processing unit.It is a part of the computer system.But CPU have many abbrevations it depends on the situation.
Ex: Central Policy Unit,Critical Patch Update (Oracle),Cost Per Unit,Computer Processing Unit, Central Philippine University,etc...

Unknown said...

general meaning of CPU is central processing unit but not it is not sufficient for a proper the three words 'C' 'P' 'U' have different meaning but these are connecting to each other we can compare these words by NUCLES OF ATOM THE 'c' means central, centra of a nucles is always positive means alway gives output and powerful the 'p' means processing, related to force that gives the power to work and 'U' means unit , collect each other(like electron,proton,neutron)

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