why gold along with land prices have been rised over period of time and whether it relates to Bank Interest?

Answer :Price of land and gold is rising steadily -- because -- Availability of land is restricted whereas the population is increasing at an alarming rate, necessitating more houses to be built. further people would like settle in cities or towns and hence price of land in almost all over India has been rising steadily and it will rise further to great heights. Again gold is a commodity for which demand is increasing on account of marriage and other functions --more population, more demand. Further right from early days man has been having a passion for storing gold in order to meet emergencies. It has resale value. It can be sold easily.

Answer :the question was posted by me only whatever the ravisivan said is party correct the common fators affecting the land & gold rates are 1. gold & land has been purchased by even by small person with low income becouse from last 3 to 5 years the bank rates have gone down from 18% to 9%, there has been is fall of upto 9% So whoever have invested their money at the bank have drawn their money and the same has been invested land not mainly for the purpose of to have a house AND the same story with the gold ( by this there was Suddenly rise in demand of these products ( hemand=high and supply =very very very low) 2 only for land: land has the provisin of being registered at many places, so there is less chance of froud( it is taken as safe metod of keeping & growing the assets for future needs as rates have been increasing from the rang of 10% to 30% on a year plus land can be sold at higher rate but low rates can be shown under the sale deed ( thus hiding the black money)

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